1.5Exponential Functionsnone
1.6Inverse Functions and LogarithmsQuestions
2.2The Limit of a Functionnone
2.3The Limit of a FunctionQuestions
2.4The Precise Definition of a LimitQuestions
2.6Limits at Infinity; Horizontal AsymptotesQuestions
2.7Derivatives and Rates of Changenone
2.8The Derivative as a FunctionQuestions
3.1Derivatives of Polynomials and Exponential FunctionsQuestions
3.23.2 The Product and Quotient Rulesnone
Derivatives of Trigonometric FunctionsQuestions
3.4The Chain RuleQuestions
3.5Implicit DifferentiationQuestions
3.6Derivatives of Logarithmic FunctionsQuestions
3.7Rates of Change in the Natural and Social Sciencesnone
3.8Exponential Growth and Decaynone
3.9Related RatesQuestions
3.10Linear Approximations and Differentialsnone
3.11Hyperbolic Functionsnone
4.1Maximum and Minimum ValuesQuestions
4.2The Mean Value TheoremQuestions
4.3How Derivatives Affect the Shape of a GraphQuestions
4.4Indeterminate Forms and L’Hospital’s RuleQuestions
4.5Summary of Curve SketchingQuestions
4.7Optimization ProblemsQuestions
4.8Newton's Methodnone
5.1Areas and DistancesQuestions
5.2The Definite IntegralQuestions
5.3The Fundamental Theorem of CalculusQuestions
5.4Indefinite Integrals and the Net Change Theoremnone
5.5The Substitution RuleQuestions
6.1Areas between CurvesQuestions
6.3 Volumes be Cylindrical ShellsQuestions
6.5Average Value of a FunctionQuestions
7.1Integration by PartsQuestions
7.2Trigonometric IntegralsQuestions
7.3Trigonometric SubstitutionQuestions
7.4Integration of Rational Functions by Partial FractionnsQuestions
7.7Approximate IntegrationQuestions
7.8Improper IntegralsQuestions
8.1Arc LengthQuestions
8.2Area of a Surface of RevolutionQuestions
8.3Area of a Surface of Revolutionnone
8.4Area of a Surface of Revolutionnone
10.1Curves Defined by Parametric EquationsQuestions
10.2Calculus with Parametric CurvesQuestions