10.3Polar CoordinatesQuestions
10.4Areas and Lengths in Polar CoordinatesQuestions
11.3The Integral Test and Estimates of SumsQuestions
11.4The Comparison TestsQuestions
11.5Alternating SeriesQuestions
11.6Absolute Convergence and the Ratio and Root TestsQuestions
11.8Power SeriesQuestions
11.9Representations of Functions as Power SeriesQuestions
11.10Taylor and Maclaurin SeriesQuestions
11.11Applications of Taylor Polynomialsnone
12.1Three-Dimensional Coordinate Systemsnone
12.3The Dot ProductQuestions
12.4The Cross ProductQuestions
12.5Equations of Lines and PlanesQuestions
12.6Cylinders and Quadric SurfaceQuestions
13.1Vector Functions and Space CurvesQuestions
13.2Derivatives and Integrals of Vector Functions
13.3Arc Length And CurvatureQuestions
13.4Motion in Space: Velocity and AccelerationQuestions
14.1Functions of Several Variablesnone
14.2Limits and ContinuityQuestions
14.3Partial DerivativesQuestions
14.4Tangent Planes and Linear ApproximationsQuestions
14.5The Chain RuleQuestions
14.6Directional Derivatives and the Gradient VectorQuestions
14.7Maximum and Minimum Values
14.8Lagrange MultipliersQuestions
15.1Double Integrals over RectanglesQuestions
15.2Double Integrals over General RegionsQuestions
15.3Double Integrals in Polar CoordinatesQuestions
15.4Application of Double IntegralsQuestions
15.5Surface AreaQuestions
15.6Triple IntegralsQuestions
15.7Triple Integrals in Cylindrical CoordinatesQuestions
15.8Triple Integrals in Spherical CoordinatesQuestions
15.9Change of Variables in Multiple IntegralsQuestions